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Introducing the WA-61

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A Tower speaker designed with purely the boater's interest in mind

Wake Audio - WA-61 - A Tower speaker designed with purely the boater's interest in mind A Tower speaker designed with purely the boater's interest in mind

Boat owners take a lot of pride in the superior quality and performance of their craft. Wake-Audio's belief is that boat owners should also expect this same superior quality from their tower speakers. As a result, Wake-Audio has spent the last 2 years developing a profesional tower speaker that is capable of providing the quality of sound and durability a consumer would expect from a professional speaker system. The WA-61 is a fully weatherproof speaker that delivers the whole spectrum of sound from deep bass, to rich vocals, to crisp highs. Both the passengers inside the boat as well as any riders outside will enjoy the clear, lifelike sound.
Whether you have a Tige, MB Sport, Nautique, Malibu, Centurion, Mastercraft, Moomba, Calabria, Ski Supreme, Regal, Sea Ray or a Bayliner our tower speaker will compliment any style of boat.

Custom Built Drivers

Custom Built Drivers Custom Built Drivers

Both the 6-1/2" polypropylene woofer and 1" titanium compression drivers have been designed and custom built specificaly for the enclosure, mounting configuration, and environment that the speaker will be placed in. Both drivers are fully tested before and after speaker assembly to ensure that they meet all specifications. In addition to the custom built drivers we have paid special attention to crossover design and layout to ensure the drivers maintain a balance that you can hear.

Time-Alignment Configuration

Time-Alignment Configuration Time-Alignment Configuration

The speaker enclosures were engineered exclusively to minimize standing acoustical waves and obtain a higher quality of sound. They are constructed of multi-layer fiberglass which gives them incredible strength as well as a clean gel coat finish that can be matched to your boat. The drivers are also mounted in computer designed time-alignment wave guide configuration. By mounting them in this configuration we are able to better project the sound sufficiently outward in a controlled pattern.

Secure Mounting and Adjustability

Secure Mounting and Adjustability Secure Mounting and Adjustability

Wake-Audio secured mounting clamps are uniquely designed to give boaters added confidence that they may safely leave the speakers attached to their towers. Each speaker is shipped with keyed bolts and a matching wrench making it difficult for someone to easily remove the speaker without the proper key. We also realized that some towers have uniqe angles and mounting locations and have designed our clamp so you can adjust for the installation and angle that you prefer.

Customized To Match Your Boat

Customized To Match Your Boat Customized To Match Your Boat

Wake-Audio understands that each boat has distinct characteristics and therefore has designed the WA-61 so that it can be customized per the boat owner's specifications. The standard WA-61 enclosures feature a high-gloss gel coat finish in either black or white and also in a chrome finish. However, the enclosures can be custom made to match any boat's gel coat color or be painted in any color or design, it's only limited to your imagination. Consumers can also choose the color or the trim ring, grill, and clamp. This diversity allows the consumer the ability to create a final speaker that is unique to their own boat and personal taste.

5 Year Warranty

5 Year Warranty 5 Year Warranty

WA-61 is only comprised of high quality components. Each are tested both prior to and after assembly and are designed to give you many years of use. We stand behind the superior craftsmanship and are pleased to offer a transferable, five-year limited warranty.


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